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Transform Your Legal Practice With Our Results-Driven Legal Marketing Agency

A commanding online presence is critical for client attraction and retention in today’s digital landscape. Our specialized marketing and consulting services distinguish you for your client’s legal needs. Choose excellence. Choose Aurora Legal Marketing and Consulting for unparalleled excellence in legal marketing.

The Benefits of Improving Your Digital Presence

Aurora Legal Marketing and Consulting’s proven processes to ensure that people look at your firm as the solution to their legal problem.

We Focus on Your Online Growth

Aurora Legal Marketing and Consulting  is focused on real results and drives traffic and leads to your practice. Our goal is to grow your law practice and achieve the highest ROI. Aurora Legal Marketing and Consulting will help grow your law practice to higher levels with our proven Attorney 10x Case System.

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Attorney Areas of Practice That We Serve

Family Law Attorneys

Family Law Attorneys

Elevate your family law practice with targeted digital marketing solutions, reaching individuals in need of compassionate and expert guidance during challenging legal situations.
Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Enhance your online presence and connect with potential clients facing criminal charges through strategic digital marketing campaigns tailored to showcase your firm's expertise and dedication.
Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate Planning Attorneys

Expand your client base in the field of estate planning by leveraging our digital marketing strategies, designed to highlight your firm's proficiency in wills, trusts, and probate services.
Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Lawyers

Reach a broader audience seeking immigration assistance with our specialized digital marketing services, ensuring your firm is visible and accessible to individuals navigating complex immigration processes.
Litigation Lawyers

Litigation Lawyers

Strengthen your position in the legal market with our litigation-focused digital marketing solutions, attracting clients involved in civil and commercial disputes through strategic online promotion.
Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers

Increase your firm's visibility among those seeking personal injury representation through our results-driven digital marketing efforts, positioning your services for individuals facing accidents & injuries.
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law

Revitalize your financial brand with our targeted bankruptcy marketing services, strategically designed to reach individuals and businesses facing financial distress, providing them with the information and support they need.


Digital Marketing Services

We offer the following digital marketing services to build your online presence:

Digital Legal Marketing Strategies

Website Development

Updating your website isn't it option?. Leaving your website and all of your web assets vulnerable to, hackers, viruses and bugs leaves your online hard work at considerable risk. 

Branding for Attorneys

Branding for Attorneys

As the saying goes, ‘Content is King.’ When it comes to digital marketing, content is the driving force when it comes to being found. Your law firm’s content is what helps searchers of your service decide.

SEO for Lawyers South Carolina

Search Engine Optimization

The Aurora Legal Consulting and Marketing Search Engine Optimization process for law firms is a tried and true, proven, step by step methodology. It brings every law practice higher in the search engines.

reputation management

Reputation Management

Aurora Legal Marketing and Consulting understands Reputation Management’s pivotal role in helping attorneys build a stand-out practice.
Online Advertising for Attorneys in Savannah GA

Online Advertising

Our strategy allows you to acquire new and qualified leads that will boost your active list of clientele. We use inbound marketing techniques that make your target audience pay attention to your content.

social media

Social Media

Though we hear the word “branding” all of the time in marketing, a lot of business people and professionals don’t understand how truly important it is. Branding is one of the most important elements in marketing.

email marketing

Email Marketing

One of the most efficient strategies to communicate with both present and potential clients is through email marketing. It gives your target market an in-depth look into your latest updates. 

video marketing

Video Marketing

One of the most crucial marketing platforms for a company is now online video. Videos are more popular than written content and are more expressive than images or infographics.
Content Creation

Content Creation

Though we hear the word “branding” all of the time in marketing, a lot of business people and professionals don’t understand how truly important it is. Content Creation can elevate the look & feel of your brand.

Want to Build Your Business?

Aurora Legal Marketing and Consulting first has a discovery call session and will give you another strategy session after doing hours of research; all given to you. It will then be determined if we are a good fit to bring your practice to new profitability levels with our Attorney 10X Case System Guarantee.

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