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We Are Here to Help You Grow Your Practice And Achieve New Levels of Authority.

Whether it is increasing the bottom line Or seeking better hires, we can turn your Law firm into an efficient money-making machine.


We Are a Leader in Online Marketing for Attorneys & Consultants for Attorneys

We know what it takes to take your law firm from your current revenue and 10X it with our proven systems and processes. Attorneys who understand that building a practice is a very difficult road but have the tenacity and acumen to make positive changes can grow their practice expotentially.

When processes, systems and strategies are properly implemented, the outcome is success. It is not an overnight or quick money technique; it is a well-thought through methodical process  starting from intake of new clients through marketing efficiently and optimizing for the highest possible ROI for the firm.

Experienced Law Practice Consultants and Marketers

We stand apart from the general agencies that just talk about SEO or the next best thing to create the sizzle. Aurora is bottom line results based.

Highly Dedicated to Bringing Lawyers to Meeting Their Specific Goals.

More than words, like you, we need to listen and solve what stands in the way of getting you unstuck. What didn’t work before and what can change to raise the level of professional.


Your Law Practice Needs To Run Like A Highly Organized Business

We are both Business and marketing consultants and will turn your practice into a business machine. A hugely profitable law practice must have its internal systems in place to properly process successful marketing.

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