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Reputation Management for Attorneys in Savannah GA

Did you know that if a lawyer has a negative online rating, more than 70% of prospective clients will think twice about employing them? Consumer reviews now have the same importance as personal endorsement. Since 95% of people seeking legal counsel begin their search online, it is now possible for people to do their research on attorneys online before meeting them in person. Reputation Management for Attorneys in South Carolina

Clients can and will choose very carefully when hiring a lawyer. They’ll look up your law firm on Google and see what people say about it. It will be very challenging to convert them or keep existing clients if they can’t locate you and unfavorable reviews beset you. Most likely, you are already aware of the value of reviews. However, do you know how to handle the contrary effect and improve your online presence?

At Aurora Legal Marketing, we assist our clients in maintaining and enhancing their online reputation and improving it when necessary. In addition, it encourages participation and demonstrates how much your firm values its clients. Knowing that you genuinely care about your clients is frequently all needed to develop a clientele. Online Reputation Management for Attorneys in Savannah GA

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Everything You Need to Know About Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management for Attorneys?

Control of your listings and monitoring and managing reviews posted on various online review sites and social media channels are all part of reputation management for attorneys. Responding appropriately to excellent and negative thoughts is a part of the monitoring process. In addition, it is a good idea to compile genuine testimonials from pleased clients and distribute them on social media or the firm’s website.

How Do I, as a Lawyer, Maintain a Strong Online Reputation?

Below are some suggestions you can take to maintain a solid online reputation management for attorneys.

1. Have a Personal Site

A personal site is entirely something you control. You may make your website the first result for someone searching for your law company. You can do this, but it will need consistency and SEO work. Nevertheless, it is a terrific technique to guarantee that you manage the best outcomes under your law firm’s name. All of the content you create should be on your website. After that, you can distribute it through various means.

2. Develop Content

One of the best methods to counter negative online reviews is to create content. One of the easiest ways to avoid negativity is to overwhelm it with various content people enjoy.

3. Respond in Kind

If you get a complaint from a dissatisfied client, address it publicly. People like transparency, so you should respond logically if a bad review is out there. Inform them that you are sorry for their experience and would be pleased to speak with them further about their problem. It proves that you are not running away. Instead, you’re demonstrating your humanity and ability to accept responsibility for your errors, if any.

4. Ask for the Good Stuff

Adverse events are more likely to be discussed. Therefore, a mechanism that encourages satisfied clients to spread the word about their excellent experience is crucial.

Why Do Clients Leave Online Reviews?

Here are reasons why clients leave online reviews:

1. It is a chance for clients to explain their perspectives on the legal process. Due to the high expense and high stress of legal matters, the feedback process is particularly crucial.

People want to know, for instance, that if you work in contract law, you can offer wise counsel regarding changes in regulations and assist them in getting the best result. In addition, they will be looking to see that you can achieve a settlement with as little conflict as possible if you practice family law and handle divorce matters.

2. Someone has to feel confident before entrusting you with their legal future. That assurance comes from a review on the internet. It enables users to provide genuine, unfiltered opinions, socially and emotionally confirming a law firm’s skills in the eyes of other prospective clients.

3. The more people post positive reviews on internet review sites, the more probable it is that others will do the same.

On the other hand, a bad review might instantly convince a customer to change their decision, even if they are just about to select a business. A surplus of these can cannibalize your efforts and make it more challenging to draw in new customers.

How to Handle Negative Reviews

Reputation Management for Attorneys Savannah GA

Did you know that 94% of clients avoid doing business with a lawyer with terrible reviews? Even the most diligent, attentive, and sympathetic lawyer occasionally gets a bad rating. After all, you might not be able to get your client the most significant result possible despite your best efforts. When responding to a client who is not satisfied, do these actions:

1. Empathize

Recognize the issue. No matter what transpired, express regret and sympathy for your client’s situation if necessary.

2. Promote

Reiterate the value your firm typically delivers while being upbeat. Encourage previous clients to submit positive evaluations to balance out that one critical comment. In other words, drown the bad review in a sea of good ones.

3. Take the Discussion Offline

Keep the situation under control and refrain from escalating the criticism. Instead, let the reviewer contact you via phone, email, or both to discuss the matter.

4. Keep it Professional

Asking questions or addressing specific claims based on fact should be avoided since doing so would compromise client confidentiality. Private settings are considerably preferable for having these types of discussions.

Responding to Positive Reviews

Positive reviews shouldn’t be disregarded even though they frequently receive more attention than negative ones. It helps build a law firm’s reputation and motivates new clients to get in touch. When clients submit positive evaluations, it’s crucial to reply and extend your gratitude. Additionally, you might take advantage of this chance to persuade others to follow suit. A successful reaction guarantees that a satisfied client will return. Follow these steps when responding:

1. Express Gratitude and be Specific

Use the fact that everyone enjoys receiving praise to your advantage when responding. Don’t forget to thank your client again for their compliment. It demonstrates to the client that a natural person acknowledges them.

2. Use the Law Firm Name and Keywords

Positive reviews are essential in searches, so don’t pass up the chance to boost your law firm’s ranking. In addition, citing your law firm name, location, and category aids in the web indexing of that review.

3. Promote

An excellent location to spread the news is through a review comment. Highlight your law firm’s strong points. It would help if you highlighted these internet reviews in the website’s client testimonials section.

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Reputation Management for Attorneys in South Carolina

Online reputation management can determine the success of your law firm.  However, controlling your law firm’s reputation can be challenging, particularly when starting with digital marketing. In light of this, collaborating with a skilled legal marketing team like Aurora Legal Marketing that offers reputation management for attorneys in a much more workable approach.

Professionals from Aurora Legal Marketing are familiar with the subtleties of managing a lawyer’s reputation. As a result, we are well suited to maintain and safeguard your company’s reputation so that you can draw in new customers. To learn more about our online reputation management services in South Carolina, contact us today!

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