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Digital marketing offers several other advantages for estate planning attorneys. For example, online tools and platforms make it easy to track the results of marketing campaigns, allowing attorneys to adjust their strategies, if necessary, quickly. digital marketing for estate planning attorneys south Carolina

Additionally, digital marketing allows attorneys to target specific demographics with laser precision, ensuring their messages reach the right people. Overall, digital marketing provides estate planning attorneys with a powerful toolkit for attracting new clients and growing their businesses. By utilizing the latest online tools and technologies, attorneys can reach a wider audience while saving money on their marketing efforts.

At Aurora Legal Consulting and Marketing, one of our goals is to get your firm in front of as many potential clients as possible. As a digital marketing for estate planning attorneys, it is essential to build a successful practice. But how exactly do you do that? 

Aurora Legal Consulting and Marketing has digital marketing strategies for your estate planning law practice we offer the best digital marketing for estate planning attorneys . The growing need for estate planning services is due to the aging population. Can you bring in more clients for your estate planning business? All appropriate marketing strategies should be used in an effective estate planning campaign. The ideal method for lawyers to start their client relationships should be built on a detailed plan to use their expertise to get clients.

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Introduction to Estate Planning Law

Estate planning is a procedure that assists people and families in safeguarding their assets and ensuring that their final wishes are carried out. It can cover a range of tasks, including making estate administration plans, wills and trusts, and estate tax planning.

Every asset you own should be considered in a sound estate plan. Consider the various types of property that make up your estate:

  • Properties and real estate (e.g., houses, land)
  • Personal belongings (e.g., cars, artwork, jewelry)
  • Money in banks
  • Securities, stocks, and retirement funds
  • Term life insurance

Many people must consider every element that goes into a complete estate strategy. More than just drafting a final testament is involved in estate planning. You’ll assist families in planning for as many eventualities as you can.

digital marketing for estate planning attorneys Savannah GA

Why Develop an Estate Planning Attorney Marketing Plan?

Market competition makes it challenging for estate planning lawyers to draw customers. To meet the business’s goals and expand, it will be necessary to implement a successful marketing strategy to lure new customers.

Eliminating the Old Guard

Markets with an “old guard” might be challenging to break into since they frequently have a transparent edge that makes it difficult to unseat them. This is especially true in estate planning, where many lawyers have extensive experience. Therefore, young lawyers must be prepared to invest effort and develop innovative marketing plans to attract new clients.

Rivalry with the Financial Sector

The financial sector has been focusing more on estate planning to increase services. To stay ahead of the competition, estate planners must constantly modify their marketing plans. How can you distinguish your estate planning law practice from the competition when so many others exist? However, we know that estate planning is a complex procedure that requires an experienced attorney’s knowledge.

Foundations of Best Practices in Marketing

By developing a solid marketing plan, you may build your estate planning law company and bring in more clients. Here are some strategies we like to put in place.

Utilize Call Tracking to Monitor Your Leads

Estate planning law companies can track the success of their marketing strategies by using the helpful instrument of call tracking. Your estate planning law company can assess its marketing initiatives’ success by monitoring the number of calls a campaign generates.

Use a call-tracking service that offers the option of a local or toll-free number, call recording, and thorough reporting.

Manage Relationships Using CRM

Estate planning law firms can manage qualified leads and clients using a CRM or customer relationship management system.

A CRM can aid in the marketing efforts of your estate planning law company by assisting you in keeping track of all the crucial information about your clients. For example, your estate planning law business can sell to clients more successfully if it has comprehensive information on each client’s assets, liabilities, and estate. A CRM can also assist you in tracking the development of your estate planning services so you can more accurately assess the success of your marketing initiatives.

Utilizing a CRM to assist your estate planning law firm’s marketing initiatives can draw in and keep clients more successful.

digital marketing for estate planning attorneys

Lead Nurturing Through Email Campaigns

Email nurturing programs are one of the best methods to keep potential estate planning customers in mind. Sending targeted emails to prospective customers to convert them into customers is known as an email nurture campaign. In addition, simple birthday email campaigns can amuse and remind your prospective customers.

For estate planning law firms to successfully bring in new customers, the three marketing pillars must be used – call-tracking, CRM, and email nurturing.

12 Ways to Promote Your Estate Planning Business

Law firms specializing in estate planning have a rare chance to offer their services in many ways. Estate planning law firms can use five efficient strategies to expand their client base and increase revenue: networking, Google My Business, content marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising.

Based on your objectives, financial resources, and target market, estate planning law firms should develop a marketing strategy incorporating each technique.

1. Online Directories, Recommendations, and Community Involvement

Leaning on and expanding your network is an excellent way to start your marketing approach. However, you cannot simply wait for customers to approach you. Proactive will help you create leads by spreading the news about your legal company.

2. Networks and Recommendations

By utilizing your network and community, you may launch your marketing initiatives. An effective strategy to promote your estate planning business is to get recommendations from other experts. For example, referrals for estate planning law firms may come from other attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, and insurance brokers.

3. Participate in Neighborhood Events

Estate planning law firms can increase their visibility and develop ties with the community by participating in and sponsoring neighborhood events. Think about supporting a local choir, theater, or museum, a Fun Run or 5k that raises money for cancer research, or investing in some baseball t-shirts for a little league. You demonstrate your concern for and dedication to the neighborhood. 

digital marketing for estate planning attorneys

4. Use Backlinks

A backlink is created when another website links to the website of your estate planning law practice. This tells Google unequivocally that your website is an authority on the subject and ought to be ranked. Estate planning law companies should use backlinks to their advantage to raise the position of their website because they are crucial to SEO.

5. Electronic Directories

A listing in online directories is one of the best strategies to market your estate planning business. Websites called online guides allow companies to publish their contact details, goods, and services. You may expand your clientele and increase revenue by adding your estate planning company’s web directories to search engines.

6. My Business on Google

Google My Business (GMB) is the most acceptable way to reach your community, even if it functions like an online directory. You may manage how your estate planning law practice appears on Google Maps and search results. The fact that Google My Business is an accessible business listing is its best feature.

Consider posts as additional opportunities to advertise your website, respond to FAQs, and add more keywords.

Adding images to your profile may highlight your business’s location, staff, and services. In addition, potential clients can learn more about you and your business by adding images. Get 360-degree photos of your legal office to take it further—imagine Street View indoors. Working with a Google Trusted Photographer is required if you want 360-degree images on your Google My Business page.

7. Boost Your Website

Your authority on estate planning will rise in the search results due to adding and upgrading information to your website. The more details you offer on your website, the more likely it will be found online. Here’s what we would include on your website:

Area of Practice Pages

We don’t only mean blogging when we discuss web content. First, make sure to list all of your practice areas on your website. Then, explain your topic and proposed solution before concluding with a call to action. 

digital marketing for estate planning attorneys Savannah GA

Blogs for Active Lawyers

An estate planning company might think about blogging to maintain its website current with pertinent information. Use your blog to respond to frequently asked queries from your clientele. A blog is a fantastic way to demonstrate your subject-matter expertise and can serve as a resource for future customers.

Try Out Different Types of Content

You can experiment with various media once you’ve developed your website and begun blogging as part of your estate planning marketing strategy. Many people have questions about estate planning since it might be complicated. Consider making a video to address some of the most often-asked questions. This is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and give prospective clients more information on estate planning.

Another option is long-form, beneficial information, such as an eBook that people can download. Again, this is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and give prospective clients more details on estate planning.

8. Review Sites and Social Media

Social media may help estate planning attorneys interact with new customers and grow their firms. Real estate planning attorneys can increase their clientele and expand their practices by producing informative, compelling material.

It would help if you balanced your strategy as you do with any marketing tactics. Social media strategy and SEO call for consistency over time. It takes time to develop solid ties through networking and community involvement.

When your business struggles, paying for advertising is a terrific strategy to keep it top-ranked in search results and the phones ringing.

9. Move Where Your Clients Are Currently

Your potential customers are online. They browse social media, read articles, and watch videos. Social networking can be a potent tool for connecting with current customers, finding new ones, and growing your referral network. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the right social networking platforms.

digital marketing for estate planning attorneys South Carolina

Estate planning attorneys should be active on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These networks allow lawyers to communicate with prospective clients, distribute blog pieces, and respond to client inquiries.

The most effective platform for estate planners is LinkedIn. Being present on LinkedIn makes sense because its users are often more established, educated, and professional.

Like most social media sites, you can use it to contribute analyses or insights regarding legislative developments or other breaking events. In addition, you can publish information about your company, advertise your new blog posts, and enrich your postings with videos or photographs.

Regular posts can help you position yourself as an authority on estate planning and expand your customer base.

10. Get Testimonials From Your Clients

Online reviews are crucial because they provide prospective customers with social proof. By giving your customers a link to your online profiles where they can leave reviews, you may make it simple for them to do so.

In an ideal world, every satisfied customer would post a 5-star review on Google, but occasionally customers are reluctant to do so because their names will be made public. Encourage your client to leave a review online if they feel more at ease doing so on Facebook or LinkedIn.

11. Paid Promotional Activities for Estate Planning Lawyers

Law firms may also consider using paid marketing techniques to contact potential customers for estate planning. It can be very successful in placing advertising in online and offline magazines or websites that are relevant to your target demographic.

Law companies can also employ specific web advertising to find clients interested in their services, such as pay-per-click or display advertising.

To track and convert leads, use a specific landing page. You should go the extra mile to incorporate a particular landing page for each paid campaign if you are engaging in paid advertising.

digital marketing for estate planning attorneys

Remove all site navigation if you place your landing page on your website so that visitors will stay there and make a purchase. Additionally, you can create landing pages for websites that focus on converting PPC leads.

The goal of your PPC landing page will be to collect the contact information of those curious about your estate planning services.

Utilizing a landing page allows you to monitor the number of visitors and contact form submissions. This information will be beneficial as you evaluate the ROI of your purchased ads.

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12. Test the Local Service Ads on Google

The relatively new advertising platform, Google Local Service Ads, allows display adverts for their services in local search results. These advertisements include a call-to-action button that enables potential clients to immediately get in touch with the legal firm and show up as a sponsored listing at the top of the search results.

All of the attorneys at your firm must adhere to specific criteria, such as being licensed and insured, to be qualified to participate in Google Local Service Ads. Additionally, Google must complete a background check on each attorney in your company.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Difference Between Will and Estate Planning?

An estate plan is a more comprehensive strategy for managing your assets that may be used during and after your life. Contrarily, a will specifies your estate’s disposition, the guardian for your minor children, and other matters.

Are Litigators Estate Planning Lawyers?

Several estate planning disputes end up in court for the following reasons: The departed family member had no will. A family member questions the legitimacy of choice. Someone is not happy with the administrator or executor.

Where Can Estate Lawyers Have the Most Robust Online Presence?

Estate planning lawyers can be found online at numerous reputable sites. A website is essential. On your website, your practice and services should be fairly portrayed. If you want to increase the accessibility of your website and make it easier for clients to find you online, consider employing a search engine optimization (SEO) approach. Platforms on social media are also great for connecting with potential clients. On LinkedIn, for instance, estate planning experts can network and develop contacts with potential customers.

digital marketing for estate planning attorneys in South Carolina

Aurora Legal Consulting and Marketing Can Help You Expand Your Estate Planning Practice

One of the most successful marketing techniques for an estate planning practice is to hire an online marketing company like Aurora Legal Consulting and Marketing. We will be sure to optimize your website so that more potential clients can reach you. In addition, Aurora Legal Consulting and Marketing can help you develop a strategy specific to your company. We are marketing experts in various industries with years of expertise in digital marketing for estate planning attorneys and skilled team members. You can see the impact of our data-fueled, expert-led Internet marketing solutions on our client’s successes. Over time, our clients have benefited from our knowledge to boost revenue and improve leads. To achieve extraordinary achievements in your field, you can benefit from the power of our digital marketing for estate planning attorneys today. 

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